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Here we go…again.

Have you ever said that you wish you had another chance at something, knowing what you know now? Five years ago, I started a blog. I wanted a way to document my passions and my journey, and to help people just like me, who wanted a beautiful space to live in, but had a limited budget to work with. I also found amazing women online who were brave enough to do something like put their lives out for the world to see. But I certainly wasn’t. I made my excuses about why the timing wasn’t right, but as I look back, I was probably just afraid of being discovered. My life is messy and imperfect and I experience loss and need. There’s good stuff like joy and beauty, too…but I lived a lot of years trying to convince the world that perfection was actually something to be attained…until I was exposed…


Our lives fell apart and we lost a career, house, cars, land, friends and a whole lot more, but that’s a start. Through all the heartache, Jesus reminded me of who I am, when all the props were stripped away and hiding is not a luxury I can choose. I’m an optimist really. I find beauty in brokenness and treasures amid the trash. My favorite way to do that happens to be through my home. And I love helping others do the same. Can we take our average furniture, thrift store finds, family heirlooms, travel collections and create space of beauty that gives us peace and respite? I believe so! Walking in to a person’s home should be a way to discover a little more about the ones who live there, like a memoir. This little blog is a way for me to help you do that, a place for ideas and inspiration,and a place where we can share each other’s burdens, too. I’m so grateful you’ve taken the time to read and connect. This is going to be fun! Don’t expect perfect consistency — ’cause I’m raising four kids over here and being a wife and such. But I’ll be here, and I can’t wait to meet you here and help you love the space you’re in!

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