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I wish we could be sitting together, over lattes and scones or chocolate or whatever makes you happy and get to know each other! I am so glad you have reached out to me to help you make your home a place you love to be. First, let me say that Brooke Phillips Designs is not a traditional interior design firm. We will not be ordering an entire design plan from a catalog and giving you a new house overnight. My passion is to help families create a space that meets their needs functionally, but in a beautiful way. Most of the time, that can be achieved using many of the things you already have, but re-working them in a unique way and incorporating some fresh pieces to add character and personality. Simply put, your home should tell me special things about the people who live there. But often, the craziness of life keeps us from being as intentional as we would like about creating a space we love. Here are some questions I often get asked about design work:

* How can I create a home that works better for my family, one that I’m proud of and feels more like “me”?
* How can I add more happiness, fun and beauty to my day to day life?
* How can I repurpose what I already have so that I love it all over again?
* How can I make my house the home I hope for in a budget that works for me?
* How can I incorporate the sentimental pieces that I have into my decor?
* How can I finish what I’ve already started so that I feel content?
* How can I love coming home?

Here’s what I want to say to home/apaprtment/RV owners everywhere!! Every home should tell a story about those who live there. Hearing your story and what makes your family unique helps me to give you a vision for having the home you love to come home to. We all second guess ourselves. There are no rules, easy answers, right ways or secret formulas. We just have to figure out what you love. And a fresh perspective to help you appreciate all the goodness inside your walls. Because most of us already have what we need to live a beautiful life, and that is the approach I take to every home I re-design.

Much Love,